Most users are familiar with the instant messages. This is a very convenient and affordable way to keep in touch with friends and relatives from anywhere in the world. To do that, people use social networks and other services, which allow free communication. Besides, such chats are useful when you meet new people on site to meet single ladies, which is one of the most visited resources on the Internet.

However, a video chat is the most popular way of communication among users for many years. This is a certain mix of live communication and the main principles of social media. That is, you see the person in real time with the help of a webcam without leaving your home. A video chat is ideal for expanding the social circle, finding new friends and dating the girls, especially if you are a modest guy.

The finer points of communication.

On the one hand, not every man has the courage to approach a pretty girl on the street. On the other hand, you can correspond on the Internet for months and don’t increase your chances for a date in real life. A videochat rusia gives you an opportunity to tip the scale. After all, the girl immediately sees your strengths and weaknesses, and she immediately decides whether it is worth continuing communication further. In order to make the girl be interested in your talks, you should know a few simple facts about video chatting with charming women.

  • Behave confidently.

You will not be able to hide behind someone else’s photo and act like a macho as in correspondence. However, you can “practice” confident behavior if it is not given to you by nature. Learn the nonverbal behavior of famous actors or movie heroes. Practice facial expressions and gaze in front of the mirror, copying the famous sex symbols. The main thing is not to overdo. Otherwise, you will not look manly, but comical.

Do not rush to immediately answer the question because you can cut your words off halfway. An unhurried speech, calm movements and a friendly smile will add confidence to your image.

  • Be an attentive interlocutor.

Do not tell the girl a whole story of your life, which is full of vicissitudes and problems. The woman is looking for support and understanding. So, you should listen more and talk less. Try to show a sincere interest in everything she tells you. If she is upset by something, try to make her laugh, calm down and cheer up. However, if a girl tells sad stories every time, you should better look for another girl because you’re in search of pleasant emotions here.

  • Maintain a casual conversation.

It will not be a difficult task if the girl really suits you. In this case, the conversation will start immediately, and the awkwardness will disappear from the first minutes of video chatting. Nonetheless, if you like the girl, but the unpleasant pauses in the conversation still arise, be patient. She might be just very shy. You should meet this challenge. Try to find a neutral, non-negative topic. Over time, the situation will change, and the first awkwardness will go away on its own.

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